5 Favorite Youtube Cooking Channels for Kids

These cooking channels for kids will keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day; and maybe even inspire them to get in the kitchen and cook for you!

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If your kid is anything like mine, she wants to spend all of her waking time on Youtube. Between Roblox, Minecraft, learning to make Gacha Club characters, and just listening to music, she would stare at a screen all day if it were allowed.

Since it can be so difficult to prevent this preteen from going online, I do at least try to make sure that she is watching things that will be both educational and entertaining. She does enjoy learning art and music, and because she is stuck with me as a mom, she gets to watch some cooking too.

If your kids love cooking, they can subscribe to YouTube channels to learn a ton of cooking tips, recipes, and kitchen hacks. I’ve compiled a few of our favorite Youtube cooking channels for kids below.

Youtube Cooking Channels for Kids

(in no particular order, other than alphabetical) 🙂 

Charli’s Crafty Kitchen : This channel is hosted by Charli, a 10-year old who is joined by her sister to make recipes that kids can easily follow and try at home.  The biggest appeal about this channel is that it was created by kids and the content is designed specifically for kids. There is a lot of creativity in the kind of recipes, kitchen tips, and entertainment that they share.

Cook with Amber : Amber is a funny host who will hook in your kids right away. Her channel is all about eating delicious, healthy foods. She prepares amazing dishes while engaging the kids in chatty, silly conversations, and theatrics that make the channel even more interesting. The videos are easy to follow and will get your kids cooking in no time. Plus she was the Food Network Stars Kids winner!

Laura Miller / Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. : Just like the name suggests, most of the content in this cooking channel focuses on vegan cuisine; but the assortment of dishes and creative recipes makes this a great channel for the kids. There are health segments embedded throughout and Laura goes to great lengths to make sure that the food she cooks appeals to everyone in the family.

Miniature Space : This channel is more for entertainment than actually learning to cook, even though they do cook actual dishes, just really itty bitty. You’ve all seen these videos floating around – it’s cooking with everything mini. They are so fun and even as an adult, I get sucked in wondering how they make some of the dishes with such small utensils. This miniature concept is also what makes it so fun for kids! This is a Japanese channel but most videos contain subtitles and are easy to follow.

Rosanna Pansino / Nerdy Nummies : This is perhaps our favorite cooking channel for kids on YouTube. The host, Rosanna Pansino, is bubbly, energetic, and creative. She comes up with all sorts of adventurous recipes and entertainment that will keep your kids glued to the screen. She focuses more on baking and her baking ideas have been inspired by popular TV shows and movies. The recipes are also easy to follow and easy to cook at home. *One note of caution – watch out for the occasional recipe containing alcohol and adult themes. The channel is geared toward kids, but occasionally she makes recipes with booze or from shows geared towards adults like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. I have never heard anything explicit mentioned in her videos though.*

What is your favorite Youtube Cooking Channel? Tell us in the comments below!


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