I’m Jaime
Yep, that’s me!
I’m a child of God {who requires ALOT of forgiveness}
wife to an automotive genius
momma to a Princess that changed my life
daughter to some pretty alright parents
sister to my best friend
aunt to three kiddos that have me wrapped around their fingers!

The rents {what I lovingly call my parents} think its absolutely hilarious that I have this blog!  I’m a daddy’s girl ~ always have been, always will be ~ and growing up I’d rather spend my time watching Atlanta Braves baseball with him than hanging out in the kitchen trying to learn how to cook with my mom {no offense mom} 🙂

The way I saw it I didn’t need to learn how to cook anyways, my pre-teenage self was going to live with my parents forever.  Yeah.  The rents find that pretty hilarious too.


But not when we were 9 & first met at elementary school.  Or in junior high when we were ‘boyfriend & girlfriend’.  Home Ec was not my strong suit.  I was even worse at sewing than I was at cooking!

While I would love to tell you we have this amazing 20 year love story, our junior high romance lasted a week.  Maybe.

Fast forward about 12 years or so, add in a random text message from a number not saved in my phone {he just better count his lucky stars that I even responded} & the rest is history!

3 & 1/2 years later we were married
6 months later…
Holy *$#@balls, how did this happen?!?!?  I know HOW this happened but how in the world did this happen??!  We’ve only been married 6 months!!  Isn’t there supposed to be some standard ‘one year honeymoon period’ or something??  Holy crap we can’t do this!
I’ll admit it, shun me if you must, I did not enjoy being pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter completely, loved feeling her kick & move.  If I could have stayed away from the rest of the universe, I probably would have loved being pregnant but the rest of the world became idiots for 9 months.  I hated the nausea {atomic fireballs, pregnant ladies, atomic fireballs cure the nausea}, I hated having my belly touched, I hated being fussed at or told not to do things because I was pregnant, my legs constantly hurt & the Hubs still jokes about the way I waddled!  The second best thing that came from being pregnant was 9 months migraine free!
But this was the best
30 hours of labor & 1 c-section later, our Princess P was born
She was perfect
And all those months of misery were erased in one second.  And I am blessed beyond words that I get to be home with her everyday to watch her grow from my precious little baby to an inquisitive, energetic, mischievous toddler!
After a couple of years of being home with just the kiddo & VERY limited adult interaction, my brain was starting to become a mush of diapers, bottles, laundry & Disney Jr!  I needed to regain my smarts!  I started Mom’s Test Kitchen simply to keep track of recipes I had made in an organized fashion get rid of stacks of printed recipes & pages ripped from magazines so the Hubs didn’t have an OCD induced heart attack.  But then I made some Fried Pickles & then Pinterest happened and my little recipe corner of the blog world suddenly started to get pageviews.  And then comments!  Then the comments turned into friends and the past year & half has been absolutely amazing!  Y’all are beyond awesome & I’m blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!!  Thank you for joining me on this ride!!
Thanks for hanging out with me!