Greg’s Goodies AKA Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Greg's Goodies | | #SweetToothSaturdays

THESE SIMPLE, 4 INGREDIENT BARS COMBINE THE PERFECT FLAVORS OF CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER WITH THE AWESOME ADDITION OF MARSHMALLOW! You know what happens when you think you’ve out smarted a 3 year old? You haven’t & the little monster proves to be pretty dang intuitive. Yesterday morning while I was making these chocolate peanut […]

Holiday Vanilla Pudding Cake Cookies + #Giveaway

Holiday Vanilla Pudding Cake Cookies |

These Holiday Vanilla Pudding Cake Cookies are the perfect treat for the Holidays! Made with items you probably already have in your pantry, they are simple enough for the kids to leave for Santa & no one would guess they came from a box!   Meet the cookie that is the best cookie the Hubs […]

Vanilla Pudding Snickerdoodles

Yesterday I did something sneaky and deceptive.  But I had to y’all.  I’m forced into these situations.  As I was baking these Vanilla Pudding Snickerdoodles, I really needed to taste test one.  I have to make sure my recipes don’t suck.  But Princess P has learned when the stand mixer comes out, something she likes to eat […]