Candy Cars

The Hubs has worked his whole life for his dad.  His grandfather started wholesaling cars & then his dad started and now they own a small car dealership and it’s all the Hubs knows. 

Already trying to drive!

So needless to say, Princess P has spent alot of time over the past two plus years running around a car lot!  And she loves it!  As soon as we turn off the highway heading to the lot she starts saying over and over “Daddy, PaPa, Uncle Joel?”  She’s got oil running through her veins just like her daddy!  She spends more time playing with matchbox cars then she does with baby dolls!

After playing with this car, she thought all wheels should spin!

So when I saw this cute little snack on Pinterest, I knew Princess P would love it!

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  • mini candy bars ~ I used 3 Musketeers Fun Size
  • teddy grahams
  • M&Ms
  • chocolate frosting


  1. Holding the candy bar by the sides, gently press the teddy graham down into the candy bar ~ somewhere around the middle/towards the back
  2. Allocate 4 M&Ms of the same color for each car
  3. Using a knife, dab just a small amount of the frosting onto the back of the M&M
  4. Stick the M&M onto the side of the candy bar to become the car’s wheels
  5. Repeat with remaining candy bars
RECIPE INSPIRED BY: How’s That       


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