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Banana Creme Pie by Dawn @ Dawn’s Disaster

Yay!  I’m excited to be posting at Mom’s Test Kitchen.  I do not do too many recipes, on my blog {Dawn’s Disaster}, and I don’t really cook that much, but this is a winner!  Mainly, because there’s NO cooking involved!
You only need five ingredients (it’s only semi-homemade, don’t forget)!
1) Graham Cracker Crust
2) Instant Banana Pudding
3) Milk
4) Whip Cream
5) Bananas – about 3
from https://www.mccormick.com

Ok, get your crust out.  KEEP THE TOP.  Make your pudding (using the milk).  Cut up the bananas (so the slices are rounded) and make a layer on the bottom of the crust-you will not use all of them.  Pour the pudding over the top.    Make another layer of the bananas on the top of the pudding.  Keep about 3 round slices for garnish.  You have the “fancy” option or the “plain” option to top your pie with the whip cream.  I like to make cute little dollops on the 8 pieces that will be cut and one in the middle with the 3 left over slices.  When I’m rushed for time, like most of my life, I just spread the whip cream over the whole pie, slice and serve.

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