Hard Raspberry Apple Cider

The following Hard Raspberry Apple Cider Recipe is a guest post from Elizabeth at Frugal Mom, Eh


Hard Raspberry Apple Cider | MomsTestKitchen.com

There is nothing like sitting back on a crisp Fall afternoon with a refreshing drink in hand. I really enjoy experimenting to come up with new flavour combinations. Sometimes I fail, but other times I come away with a real winner that I will keep going back to.

I find that London Gin and Chambord play really well off each other when it comes to Martinis so I thought it would hold true with other cocktail mixes.  And so this Hard Raspberry Apple Cider mix was born.  

It seems like Raspberries and apples were just naturally made for one another. Tart raspberry with the flavour of crisp apple cider?  Yum.  This cocktail has a refreshing fruity flavour that starts with the hint of tart raspberries, follow by the sweet, crisp flavour of apples with a bit of a bite.

If you prefer more of a bite and more raspberry flavour, just hold back a bit on the cider and serve over ice.

 Hard Raspberry Apple Cider | Mom's Test Kitchen


Hard Raspberry Apple Cider | MomsTestKitchen.com



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