Slow Cooker Spanish Red Pepper Stew (Chilindron)

Slow Cooker Spanish Red Pepper Stew - Chilindron

This post is a delicious recipe shared by monthly contributor Christie from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures It looks delicious doesn’t it? Come on. I KNOW you’re drooling! Admit it. You’re going to make this Slow Cooker Spanish Red Pepper Stew (Chilindron) SOON! I know you are. Don’t try to hide it, you’re jealous. Seriously. Just look […]

50 Thirty Minute Meals

50 Thirty Minute Meals | | #roundup

I don’t know about y’all but when I go searching for dinner ideas for our weekly menu, I typically am always looking for quick & easy meals.  The people that go searching for detailed, time-consuming recipes; well, more power to you!  You’re welcome to come cook for me anytime!! But if y’all are anything like […]

Poblano Chicken Alfredo #eMealstotherescue

Poblano Chicken Alfredo | | #eMealstotherescue #PMedia #ad

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ & eMeals. All my opinions are my own. #pmedia #eMealstotheresuce   Quick & wholesome dinners, like this Poblano Chicken Alfredo, are made easy using eMeals Menu Planning & grocery lists     I go to the grocery store on a […]

Cilantro Cream Chicken

This Cilantro Cream Chicken recipe was originally shared as a guest post at This Gal Cooks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do y’all have a favorite herb?  Ours would be cilantro.  The Hubs can eat the leaves straight off the stems.  He loves it!  Any dish that has cilantro in it I know will be a hit in our […]