About Mom

I’m Jaime
Yep, that’s me!
I’m a child of God {who requires ALOT of forgiveness}
wife to an automotive genius
momma to a Princess that changed my life
daughter to some pretty alright parents
sister to my best friend
aunt to three kiddos that have me wrapped around their fingers!

The rents {what I lovingly call my parents} think its absolutely hilarious that I have this blog!  I’m a daddy’s girl ~ always have been, always will be ~ and growing up I’d rather spend my time watching Atlanta Braves baseball with him than hanging out in the kitchen trying to learn how to cook with my mom {no offense mom} 🙂

The way I saw it I didn’t need to learn how to cook anyways, my pre-teenage self was going to live with my parents forever.  Yeah.  The rents find that pretty hilarious too.


But not when we were 9 & first met at elementary school.  Or in junior high when we were ‘boyfriend & girlfriend’.  Home Ec was not my strong suit.  I was even worse at sewing than I was at cooking!

While I would love to tell you we have this amazing 20 year love story, our junior high romance lasted a week.  Maybe.

Fast forward about 12 years or so, add in a random text message from a number not saved in my phone {he just better count his lucky stars that I even responded} & the rest is history!

3 & 1/2 years later we were married
6 months later…
Holy *$#@balls, how did this happen?!?!?  I know HOW this happened but how in the world did this happen??!  We’ve only been married 6 months!!  Isn’t there supposed to be some standard ‘one year honeymoon period’ or something??  Holy crap we can’t do this!
I’ll admit it, shun me if you must, I did not enjoy being pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter completely, loved feeling her kick & move.  If I could have stayed away from the rest of the universe, I probably would have loved being pregnant but the rest of the world became idiots for 9 months.  I hated the nausea {atomic fireballs, pregnant ladies, atomic fireballs cure the nausea}, I hated having my belly touched, I hated being fussed at or told not to do things because I was pregnant, my legs constantly hurt & the Hubs still jokes about the way I waddled!  The second best thing that came from being pregnant was 9 months migraine free!
But this was the best
30 hours of labor & 1 c-section later, our Princess P was born
She was perfect
And all those months of misery were erased in one second.  And I am blessed beyond words that I get to be home with her everyday to watch her grow from my precious little baby to an inquisitive, energetic, mischievous toddler!
After a couple of years of being home with just the kiddo & VERY limited adult interaction, my brain was starting to become a mush of diapers, bottles, laundry & Disney Jr!  I needed to regain my smarts!  I started Mom’s Test Kitchen simply to keep track of recipes I had made in an organized fashion get rid of stacks of printed recipes & pages ripped from magazines so the Hubs didn’t have an OCD induced heart attack.  But then I made some Fried Pickles & then Pinterest happened and my little recipe corner of the blog world suddenly started to get pageviews.  And then comments!  Then the comments turned into friends and the past year & half has been absolutely amazing!  Y’all are beyond awesome & I’m blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!!  Thank you for joining me on this ride!!
You can find more of my recipes at
Thanks for hanging out with me!

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