Toddler Time ~ ABC Car Game

I was supposed to finish up our transportation unit last week but with me being sick I didn’t get the chance.  So I’m here with it today 🙂
Just in case you missed the first activities, you should take a minute to check out the stoplights and submarines we made!
So this last project was really fun but it did take some time to get made and I had to do the majority of the work.  You don’t need anything special, I was able to make the game with things I already had here in the house.  The only additional thing I’m going to do is take it & get it laminated so it hopefully will last longer 🙂
And just so I’m honest with y’all because I do not have an artistic bone in my body ~ I used a police car wooden puzzle piece to trace to make this game.  And then I used a large spice shaker to trace to make the wheels.  We each have our own gifts and art is not one of mine 😉

construction paper ~ 1 white sheet, strip of black to make road, color of choice for car
foam sheets in multiple colors ~ or you could just use multiple colors of construction or cardstock paper
black marker
crayons to decorate background (optional)

Cut a simple car shape (do not include tires) out of the construction paper & glue it to the white piece of paper, about mid page.  Directly below the car, glue the black strip of construction paper for the road ~ you can use a white crayon to add in the lane markers if you want.  Add any other fun elements to the background picture that you want ~ I simply added a sun to the corner

On the foam sheets, trace circles to become the tires.  Again I used a large spice shaker for this.  Depending on how you want to do the game will determine how many circles you need.  I made a set of all upper-case letters & lower-case letters so I needed a bunch of circles.  Use the black marker to write your letters.

The way I made the game for Princess P to play was for her to match the upper-case letter to the lower-case letter like in the picture.  Since she is only 2, I didn’t want to make it overly difficult so I also made the colors match for the letters, like in the picture both C’s are on red foam circles.


Princess P playing with some friends

Princess P deciding she’s done playing with some friends


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