November Sponsors Giveaway

I’m so honored to have the group of people on my sidebar that I do!  A few of my sponsors have gotten together to offer a fabulous giveaway for y’all this month!!!
Let me introduce this wonderful group to you & then we’ll get to the prizes!!
Meet Jill from Dreaming All Day
My name is Jill, I am in my early 30’s and I live in Las Vegas, NV with my brilliant husband and our two crazy little papillons, Leonard & Sheldon. Right now, I am a stay-at-home wife with a degree in Information Technology, majoring in Environmental Science. Aside from my academics, I love developing and modifying recipes, I am always up for all kinds of cooking, baking, crafts, and home décor type DIY projects. Graphic design is my other passion, I am self taught and always learning new tricks. Blogging is my outlet, my way of keeping in touch with the world and categorizing the many things I enjoy around the home, I absolutely love the blogging community, I love meeting other bloggers and forming new friendships.

Jill is giving away a $25 Virtual Giftcard to Sur La Table

Meet Sarah from The Ease of Freeze
The Ease of Freeze is all about freezer cooking, baking, and homemaking. Freezer cooking can be easy and doesn’t have to be an all day event. I also love to bake, sometimes healthy goodies. Oh and I love taking pictures and keeping home on a budget.

Sarah is giving away Ad Space for 2 months
+ a $5 Target Giftcard

Meet Anissa from Chasing Hailey
I am a wife and mother to five kids ranging in age from 1 to 19. So needless to say, our house is crazy busy 24/7. I actually get a little concerned when it quiets down… this usually means trouble or someones gone missing. In either case, it’d be bad!   This blog is about how I try to survive the toddler, pre-teen and teenager years with the kids while trying to keep my sanity (well…what I have left of it)  In my spare time (he, he…it does happen occasionally) I love to craft, bake, garden, read, organize, play tennis and be outside. The key to doing any of these things is to get the kids to believe THEY wanted to do them!  To me, blogging is my creative outlet where I write about whatever’s on my mind or going on with the kiddos. Chasing Hailey is a culmination of my unpredictable life experiences and random thoughts… Come back to visit often…you never know what you might find.

Anissa is giving away Ad Space for 2 months
+ a Custom Design Area for your blog

Meet Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster

Just a little blog about me and my view.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  =)
Dawn is giving away Ad Space for 1 month
Meet Marie from Listening Rather Than Speaking

Hello, I’m Marie!  I’m an outgoing twenty-year old.  I want to be a teacher/social worker/something to do with children.  I work in fast-food average time.  I work in coffee full time.
I made my blog to be able to speak freely about everything that is on my mind, to be able to meet new people and learn from them, I made this blog to express myself.
Marie is giving away Ad Space for 2 months

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