Mom’s Test Meal Mondays Features #17 & #18

Welcome to a double dose of features this week!!  With the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend, we were running around for 4 days straight between the Hubs family & mine!  I don’t think I even got to touch the computer!   
Let me say thank you to Cindy from Vegetarian Mamma for sharing this amazing Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe.  Be sure to head over & check out Cindy’s favorites from our Pumpkin week!
Let me also say thank you to Jill from Dreaming All Day for being my co-host this week & sharing her Buffalo Chicken Baked Ziti with us!  Who knew leftovers could look so good!!
So now lets get to the most viewed links!
The top 3 most viewed Pumpkin Recipes:
from Someone Else’s Genius
from My Biscuits Are Burning
from Life In My Empty Nest
Now lets check out y’alls creativity with leftovers!
The top 3 most viewed repurpose leftovers recipes:
from Real Housemoms
from Daily Dish Recipes
from Flavors By Four
All six of you feel free to grab a features button! And congratulations!!
The features will be pinned to my MTM Monday’s Features Pinterest Board
which you can check out HERE, tweeted & posted on FB!

Thank you all again for joining me this week! And I hope to see y’all again this coming Monday as we get ready to share our favorite pumpkin recipes. I will be joined by my wonderful co-host & friend Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster!! So be sure to join Dawn & I Sunday night at 9:00 pm CST!!!

And remember, if anyone is interested in being a co-host for Mom’s Test Meal Mondays, please email me at momstestkitchen (at) yahoo (dot) com! I’d love to have you!



  1. says

    Thank you for featuring our Great Pumpkin Dessert. Even my son who doesn’t like pumpkin, still really liked this dessert. Looking forward to finding more pumpkin recipes next week! Have a great weekend. :)

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