i feel like death

Y’all, I’m so sorry for not having posted much this week.  I am what you would call under the weather.  This is what I feel like

Source: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

but worse because I actually have to get out of bed.
I thought there was some sort of guarantee for moms that once you had kids you didn’t get sick anymore.  I think this should be one of the benefits to pregnancy & childbirth.  9 months of morning sickness, swollen feet, aching legs, 2 months of sleeping on the couch because it was the only place you could get comfortable, plus 1 c-section later all in exchange for never having to catch a cold again.  I think that’s a pretty fair trade if you ask me.
If stupid Texas would just make up its mind as to what season it wanted to be in, I probably wouldn’t even be sick right now!  How is someone supposed to stay healthy when in one week we go from 90 degrees to 50 degrees (overnight) then today, back up to the mid 80s.  It’s Halloween & my kid’s freaking wearing shorts.  This past weekend??  Full on sweats with coats. 
Damn Texas!  Just get it over with it & let’s move to full on winter all ready please!?!?!  Your funny idea of Fall ain’t working for me!
Alright, I’m done with my sickly crying & whining to y’all!  I promise to be back tomorrow with the features for Mom’s Test Meal Mondays!!


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    Sorry you’re feeling poorly. I’m with you on the Texas weather. It’s frisking November 1 and we may reach a high of 85 today! I wish I lived in CO where real seasons happen!

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    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well! I hope it passes soon!

    My oldest was running fever last night and then threw up all over the place at 330 this morning. Awesome, I know!

    Take care lady!

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    Hello! I found your site from Sensational Creations blog hop. I’m a new follower and would love to get a follow back. We also have a food blog and are looking to get some fellow foodies and readers.

    Love your header and I hope you get well soon. Please visit us at The Kitchen Queens and follow back. Thank you! =)

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    HAHA!!! I was just going through the same thing. I told my husband that this job has a horrible sick policy!! I just wanted to curl up in bed and not have to entertain a little man :) Sadly, it doesn’t work that way :) Hope you are feeling better!!

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