Toddler Time ~ Stop Lights

Since Princess P does seem to love all things cars, I decided to expand on that and we did a few activities around Transportation.  We went to the library and picked out some fun books and I racked my brain searched Pinterest trying to come up with fun activities for us to do.  This first activity I actually did come up with on my own, mainly because it was the entire subject of the book we read & it was super super simple!!
For this activity, we first read the book Red Light, Green Lightby Anastasia Suen.  This was a cute book.  It’s all about a little boy who turns his every day items into a make believe traffic world.  It has great artwork & rhyming text which I personally I love in books for Princess P.  They definitely keep her attention much better than books that don’t rhyme! 🙂  I would definitely recommend this book for any toddler/preschooler who loves transportation!


  • black construction paper
  • red construction paper
  • yellow construction paper
  • green construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors


  1. Cut your black piece of construction paper in half lengthwise
  2. Cut a medium sized circle out of each of the other three pieces of construction paper. I used the bottom of a drinking cup to trace the circle ~ you can always let your little one do the cutting with safety scissors for practice!
  3. Have your little one glue the circles onto the black paper ~ red on top, yellow middle, green bottom.
*After we did this activity, I also found this very similar activity online that includes a poem that is really cute!
Be sure to stop back by next Thursday to see our next Transportation activity!
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