The Death of a Cookie Sheet

So I didn’t want y’all to start thinking that I was this awesome supermom who never burnt dinner or screwed up an activity with Princess P.  I mean I am only human, I do have my moments of imperfection, though they are very few & far between.
Ok so now that I’m done laughing at myself, lets talk about the death of my cookie sheet.  My large cookie sheet.  This was a very sad day for me. 
So I found this fun activity that also happened to be very frugal considering I had everything here at the house already.  Gotta love it 🙂 

What you need: 
1 cup water
1 cup flour
cotton balls
food coloring
Now what you do:
Mix together the flour & water.  It’s going to be pretty thick so you can add a little extra water if you need to.
Pour the mixture into separate bowls & then add the food coloring to the bowls.
Dip the cotton balls into the mixture & then place them on a GREASED cookie sheet.
See, this is where my supermom powers failed me. 
I completely missed the greased part and just put them straight onto a cookie sheet. 
Disaster soon unfolds.
Bake the cotton balls for 45 minutes to an hour at 300 degrees.
You can lay the cotton balls together on the cookie sheet to where they are touching & they will bake in the shape that you put them in.  We did our cotton balls in the initials of our first names 🙂
So supposedly if you follow the directions then it’s crazy fun for the kiddos to smash them!  The outsides get hard & crunchy and the insides stay soft. 
So once our cotton balls had finished baking I sat the cookie sheet up to cool.  Then I went to try to pick them up off the sheet.  They didn’t move.  So I got out a spatula.  Still ain’t moving.  Ok, maybe a knife?  It’s thinner than my spatula.  This has to work.  And nope. 
At this point I knew I was screwed.  These things were stuck to my cookie sheet like I had used super glue.  I tried everything I could think of to try to get these things off.  I finally was able to get some of the cotton balls off but not all.  So I then decided to sacrifice the cotton balls and try to save my precious cookie sheet & soaked it in water. 
There was no saving my cookie sheet.  Even after soaking, I couldn’t get it cleaned.  So I had to make the hard decision.  I had to sacrifice the cookie sheet. 
That was a very long walk to the dumpster.


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