I’m No Longer A Cougar…

For 2 & 1/2 months at least.

This guy right here ~ its his birthday today. 
He has joined me at the fun old age of 31!
My husband very much enjoys the fact that I am older than him.  He likes to inform me on a regular basis that I am a cougar.  I don’t think 10 months classifies me for this title, thank you very much.
What can I say about my Hubs?
Somehow even with haircuts like this
Yes, that would be a fully shaved head with just bangs
It was horrendous, I know
I wish I could say I didn’t know him at this time
Unfortunately I did
And I still married him…
(to his & my defense, he was in junior high when he destroyed his hair like this!)

And with your obsession of cars
(we’ve had 8 different cars between the 2 of us in the 3+ years we’ve been married)
You’re the man that will pass out at the sight of needles
yet you have 9 tattoos

You’ve had your good days

And your bad
Everyone one of those days, whether good or bad, has made you the man I love today.
(& according to my father in law ~ earned me my crowns in Heaven!)
Happy Birthday baby



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