Toddler Time ~ Apple Hand Prints

Princess P loves apples!  Every round piece of fruit she sees is an apple.  Peaches, nectarines, I even brought home a container of cherub tomatoes from the store and she wanted them to be apples. 

So I thought this would be the perfect little craft for her!

1 piece of white construction paper
paint ~ red, green & brown
paper plate
paintbrush (optional)

1. Pour a small amount of the red paint out onto the paper plate.
2. Help your toddler stamp their palm into the red paint, trying not to get the fingers red.  This is where the paintbrush would come in handy~just paint your toddlers palm with the red paint.  I thought I had a paintbrush but didn’t 🙁
3. Stamp their palm onto the construction paper twice
4. Pour a small amount of the brown & green paints onto the paper plate as well.
5. Use your toddlers thumb print to make the stem of the apples and their pinkie to be the leaf.
6. Once the paint is dry, use the marker to add the poem:

Way up high in the apple tree
Two red apples smiled at me
I shook the tree as hard as I could
And down came the apples
MMMMMMMM were they good!!

ACTIVITY INSPIRED BY: The Ramblings Of A Crazy Woman

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