Toddler Time ~ Apple Collages

Now that Princess P has turned 2, I’ve been trying to do more activities with her during the day.  I don’t really know why I decided that 2 should be the age to start trying an actual ‘structured’ activity but it’s been working.  She loves doing little arts & crafts projects!
I try to focus on one letter at a time, we’ve been doing a week time frame right now and it seems to work well for her.  I know that quite a few of y’all that read my posts are mom’s so I thought I would take this week off from recipes and share some of the ‘A’ activities we did.

3 pieces of construction paper – 1 white, 1 red, 1 green
black marker or pen to draw an apple shape

1. On the white piece of construction paper, draw 2 apples – I simply traced a circle shape and then drew a stem with a leaf.
2. Tear the sheets of green and red construction paper into small pieces.
3. Fill in your apple shapes with glue.
4. Let your toddler go to town putting the pieces of red and green paper on their apples!



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