Toddler Time ~ Alligators

Is this not just the cutest thing ever??  I think I had as much fun with this one as Princess P did!

2 pieces of construction paper – 1 white, 1 color of choice
1 pair of googly eyes

1. On the piece of white construction paper, draw a large capital A.
2. Let your toddler color all over the page with the A.
3. Once they are done coloring, cut out the A. 
4. From the extra parts of the white paper, cut out 6-8 small triangles for the alligators teeth (depends on how large you made the A) and 2 large triangles to sit under the eyes.
5. Glue the A down sideways on to your second piece of construction paper – I let Princess P pick out her color.
6. Glue the teeth to the inside of the A’s legs.
7. Glue the larger triangles to the top of the A for the eyes. 
8. Then glue the googly eyes on top of the large triangles – I also let Princess P pick out her eyes – I had a bag of all different sizes.


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    Hey Jen! These alligators have been one of my favorites that we’ve done! I just think they turned out adorable!!

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    Hope you are having a great week!

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    Hello! Stopping by from Activity Corner – love your post! I hope you’ll come visit me at Have a great day!

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